September has been named Animal Pain Awareness Month by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management. Animals can manifest pain in multiple ways. Acute pain is often obvious with vocalization or an inability to properly use a limb. Chronic pain is unfortunately harder to identify. The most common causes of chronic pain that we see are osteoarthritis and oral pain. Osteoarthritis can manifest as a decrease in activity, unwillingness to go up or down stairs, difficulty getting comfortable, or unwillingness to jump onto furniture. Oral pain can be identified from decreased activity or willingness to play, decreased appetite, or avoiding chewing on one side of the mouth. At times, animals will even over groom or lick a leg with referred pain. If pain is suspected, there are many options for treatment. Some of the various treatments available include supplements, pain medication, laser therapy, water therapy, acupuncture, dental cleanings, or sometimes surgery.