Heartworm disease is a disease carried by the mosquito. Although common in the warmer months, we will still diagnose dogs with heartworm disease throughout the year. It is important to have your pet tested annually. The test is a blood test that is called a 4DX – which will allow us to check heartworm disease as well as tick-borne diseases such as Lyme. In the past, your pet was given monthly heartworm prevention. However, Companion Animal Parasitic Council (CAPC) recently reported that heartworm disease is on the rise in the United States. Although there are many factors associated with this rise, CAPC believes the leading cause is that many pet parents fail to give the heartworm medication every month of the year. The good news is we now have available a heartworm injection that can be administered to your pet once per year. This injection, called ProHeart 12, is given at the time of the yearly wellness examination. Like many of the chronic medications that we take – longer acting medications have become quite routine on the human side of medicine We sincerely hope this will become a product that will decrease the incidence of this deadly disease for our dog patients.

Dr. Dan Markwalder