Halloween is a fun time for all but can present some hazards for your pets. Here are some helpful tips to keep your pets safe.

1) Chocolate is toxic to pets so keep all candy out of reach of our furry friends. If your pet would ingest chocolate candy please call us right away so we can calculate for you if this is a toxic dose and if medical intervention is needed. Even if the candy your pet consumes does not contain chocolate if they eat the wrappers and packaging it could result in an obstruction.

2) If you choose to let your pet participate in the fun of wearing a Halloween costume only let your pet wear the costume while they are being supervised. Some pets may not like a costume and possibly chew it off or possibly injure themselves trying to get out of it.

3) Although it’s tempting to take your pet trick or treating with you it’s possible your pet may find this stressful. With the number of people out, many small children, and people dressed in all sorts of costumes this may frighten your pet. If your pet gets scared it’s possible it may try to protect itself by snapping at someone. So if you decide to take your pet with, keep your pet on a leash at all times and use caution when people approach your pet and try to pet it. If your pet has a nervous nature it’s probably best to let your pet relax at home.

4) When tricker treaters come it’s best to keep you pet confined so there is no opportunity for your pet to escape while you are repeatedly opening the door for tricker treaters. If your pet gets really stressed and excited with doorbell ringing consider either leaving a bowl or candy outside or sitting outside with the bowl of candy so your pet doesn’t have to deal with the constant ringing of the doorbell.

5) Chose Halloween decorations wisely. Some of our pets may decide to chew or eat decorations. You may chose not to have certain types of decorations or place them where pets can’t reach them.

6) If you decide to host a Halloween party it’s probably best to keep your pet confined with all the excitement. This way you can enjoy your guests and not have to worry about your pet escaping, being afraid of people in costumes or possibly eating something they shouldn’t.

Hope these tips help keep your pet safe! Happy Halloween!